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Maxed Out Your Credit Cards? Here’s What to Do Next

When you don’t make enough money to support your lifestyle, you may make up the difference by using your credit cards. But, you can only do this for so long before all your available credit runs out. It doesn’t take long to max out your credit cards, even those with high limits. No one takes out a credit card with the intent of maxing […]

How Bankruptcy Impacts Your Credit Score

Many people think of bankruptcy as financial Armageddon, the final act in a downward spiral that ends with a judicial order that discharges the debt. As bad as bankruptcy is, it doesn’t leave a lifelong black mark on your finances, but restoring your financial good name takes effort as well as time. You ask, how bankruptcy impacts your credit score? […]

How to Start Getting Your Finances In Order At Any Age

Your money fuels your life, allowing you to live comfortably, have meaningful experiences, and support loved ones. On the flip side, however, you may lack the means to afford certain luxuries and accomplish lifelong goals, like paying for a child’s education, traveling to bucket-list destinations, or simply having a peaceful retirement. This will be about how to start getting your finances […]

How to Start a Dropshipping Business Properly

Have you ever had thoughts like, “How can I start a dropshipping business from home? I work a 9-5 and know nothing about eCommerce” or “I don’t want to take a risk losing lots of money.” Let’s dive right into how to start your own dropshipping business properly. You’ll be happy to hear that starting a dropshipping business from home is inexpensive, flexible, […]

Stocks to Purchase Now During COVID Lockdown

The stock market has come roaring back from the crash that occurred when the novel coronavirus first hit. Stocks are fluctuating wildly because of the economic slowdown induced by Covid-19. The volatility makes it incredibly difficult to answer the question, “Is this a good time to buy?” The answer changes on a moment to moment basis. Here we note a few stocks […]

6 Ways a Budget Spreadsheet Can Help Transform Your Finances

Today’s spreadsheet is much more powerful than the first spreadsheet developed by Dan Bricklin with others in 1979. Most businesses, banks, and governments use spreadsheets for their financial work, such as creating a monthly budget spreadsheet and tracking expenses. In addition to businesses, banks, and government, a budget spreadsheet also provides you, an individual user, with a 100% control over […]

How to Get Back on Track When You’re Behind on Your Bills

Struggling to get your personal finances in order? You’re not alone. Managing your money is a challenge. At some point, almost all of us have struggled with debt, and getting on track financially means taking control. When you feel in control of your money, it’s a lot easier to make smart financial decisions. This is easier said than done, but if you […]

Ways to Curb Overspending Habits

Ways to Curb Overspending Have you ever started off the month with the best of intentions to save money – buying only what you need, steering clear of the sales displays, and trying to watch your spending? And then, despite your best efforts, it just seems to happen. Before you know it, you’ve spent more money than you wanted to. Don’t beat yourself up, […]

How to Recover Financially After Unemployment

Get in the Right Mindset – How to Recover Financially Losing a job poses a major financial threat to most workers. Nearly 80% of American workers live paycheck to paycheck according to CareerBuilder. For them, a loss in income would immediately compromise their ability to meet financial obligations. Even when you have a financial safety net, a job loss can […]